Friday, 3 February 2012

What if what we had was enough.

Technically, I spent half my childhood poor, I remember my mom working 2, sometimes 3 jobs to avoid welfare.  She clipped coupons, washed and reused tinfoil and plastic bags, and baked her own bread.  But, we always had a place to live with homemade curtains on the windows. Even if we did move every 6 months or so. Sometimes we shared the house with silverfish, and the odd shrew ... but I never knew I was going without anything.  We had food, I had clothes, and we usually had a car.  We had our ups and downs, but we laughed a lot. And that was enough.

Many times I've found myself feeling panicked that we don't have a 4th bedroom, and if I were to have another child 2 might have to share, or that my car is *gasp* almost 10 years old.  We really should have a flat screen in the bedroom, and maybe the kids should have one too. You know, to save space. 


Then I stop and give myself a little smack and realize that we...have...enough.  I have a husband that loves me, 2 amazing kids, a family - both blood and in-law - that I would fall on a sword for, and friends that make me laugh and let me cry when I need to.  I have a house.  It's a bit small, but so is my mortgage.  My car, well it's small too but it runs good and gets me where I need to go.

I want to grow old and be happy.  I don't want to be worried about money when I'm old.  I don't need to be rich.  I want to be smart and prepare for the day when I no longer want to work.  I know I'm on the right path, but I still find myself needing to check in every once in a while when I get caught up in the babble and spit about buying a bigger house, TV, iPad, iPhone ... none of that stuff matters.  If I want to save up the cash and splurge once in a while, that's fine but I've been under debt's thumb before, and I refuse to be again.  I plan on enjoying my life, now and when I'm ready to retire. 

I know it can be done, I just need to keep on the right track.  And know that what I have now is enough.

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