Friday, 3 February 2012

What I Won't Scrimp On

I love to save money.  I'll budget, meal plan, clip coupons, and scope flyers for the best prices.  I'll go thrift store shopping (one of my favourites), drive an old car until I just can't drive it no more.

BUT ... there are some things I just have to buy the way they are.  Life, in my opinion, is too short to go without the following:

  1. Good coffee:  I'm not talking about daily Venti's and the "latte factor" that would give David Bach a rash.  Just really good beans that I like to grind and brew at home for my early morning cup.  I love my Salt Spring Island organic, shade grown, fairly traded beans and I don't care that they cost $17/2lbs at Costco.  Hey it beats the $13/lb+ at the grocery store!
  2. Well made clothes:  Sorry Suzy Shier.  You did the trick back in the day when I was a struggling, bar hopping, 20 year old receptionist.  15 years later though, I actually care about looking professional for my job and that means well made, lined, dry cleanable clothes that fit my curvy 35 year old body properly, and don't pill after one wash.
  3. Good Shampoo:  I've tried the Pantenes, the Herbal Essences, and the Salon Selectives.  Unfortunately my late mother's legacy (may she rest in peace) was to leave me with her incredibly fine, flat hair. Thanks Mom. So, if it means I have to return bottles to pay for it, I NEED my Bumble & Bumble thickening shampoo & conditioner and my Kerastase Cement Thermique.  I refuse to go through the day looking like a baby bird trying to grow it's feathers out.
  4. Free Range Meat:  I live in a house full of carnivorous boys.  I love my boys and I have watched Food Inc. and even though I know Canada isn't quite as bad as our southern neighbours when it comes to meat and farming practices, I still insist that we buy our meat from the local butcher or local farmers.  I want to know where it's coming from, and what's in it.  A 9lb chicken that was pumped full of growth hormones to get it to market faster?  No thanks.  The 9 lb chicken my cousins grow on their free range Utopian farm at the base of Mt. Sicker?  Yes please, bok bok.
  5. Good Quality Cookware:  Any mom out there knows how much time we put in cooking and preparing food for family and friends.  I splurged a few years ago and bought a commercial set of pots & pans.  It damn near gave me a jammer to spend the $350 on them, even though it was a great deal as the set was regular $850!  But once I cooked in them I never looked back.  I love to cook and experiment and feed people, and wow do good pots ever make a difference!  The other benefit?  I'll likely never have to replace them as long as I live. 
I'm sure if you asked my husband, he'd say there are lots of other things I don't scrimp on but these are the main ones I can think of right now. 

What kinds of things are you not ashamed to spend good money on?

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