Wednesday, 1 February 2012

OK ... so I decided to try pantry shopping for a while and try to not buy any groceries other than fresh produce and dairy. So I'm on week 2. It's going pretty good. We've had to get creative for some dinners, but I haven't had any complaints yet! Even my 2 year old who eats like a bird has even eaten the chili AND the casserole.

Gotta love a good casserole.

I've saved quite a bit on what I would normally spend each week, and I'm finally getting through the lovely free-range beef and chicken in my deep freeze before it gets freezer burnt. I think I've got another 10 days of meals in this house. OK maybe 5 ... I'm not my mother. I swear that woman could feed an army on a can of tomato soup, a couple cheese slices, and some noodles. Mmmm .... cheese spaghetti. If we were REALLY lucky she'd throw in a few sausages. Being broke really brought out the creative side of her.

Much like the garbage bag ponchos I'd have to wear as a kid when it rained, if a new raincoat wasn't in the budget. Wanna go fly a kite? Here's some yarn and a plastic shopping bag. Wanna go fishing for bullheads? Take the yarn from your kite, and this here safety pin. And don't even THINK about touching the cheese for bait ... that shit is expensive you know!

I loved the look on a co worker's face when I told those stories in the lunch room the other day and she realized I wasn't kidding. I loved my childhood, I just wish it didn't take me until I was almost 30 to remember all the awesome lessons my mom taught me about being thrifty, how to cook from what you have, and save money. Oh well, better late than never!

Happy Pantry Shopping. :)

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