Saturday, 4 February 2012

Country Music ... It Teaches You Things ...

OK don't laugh, but there's this country song by this guy that talks about how he hears a news report about people losing everything in a tornado, and how it makes him reflect on his life and how he values what he has.  I think it's Jason McCoy, "Everything".

Well that song, literally EVERY time I hear it, makes me reflect on he things I have and how I feel about them. 

"what if the things we had today were taken away.  our little 3 bedroom house, our old Chevrolet" and on it goes to say that if he lost everything ... INCLUDING his big screen TV, he'd still have everything as long as he had his family.

It does the obvious to me ... it makes me think that if I ever went through a natural disaster, all I'd care about was my family being safe and with me. 

But it also makes me think about 2 other things:

First of all - it makes me want to make sure I'm prepared for a disaster.  I mean water, canned food, diapers, and somewhere to sleep.  Be it a tent, trailer, car, I don't care.  I just want my emergency kit stocked ... like NOW.

The second thing it makes me think of is this - yes of course I don't care if my TV survives, or my car, or my house, or my toys.  But if I lost all of those things and they were all financed - I'D STILL OWE THE MONEY ON THEM.  How's that for a big piece of "shitty pie" with your "natural disaster" dinner?

People ... we need to stop financing our pathetic 'wants' and start being happy with just having our needs met.  If you want special things - by all means fly at 'er - but let's do it smart-like shall we?  Because saving cash and paying outright for a toy and insuring it is one thing.  But let me tell you this, Mastercard and CitiFinancial don't give a shit if you just lost your world in an earthquake/tornado/tsunami/housefire ... they are going to want their money right Chicken Louis.  (that means fast like)  How much would that SUCK to have to worry about, on top of having to find a place to sleep, food to eat, and diapers to put on your bebe's until stuff gets put right again?!

Not to be all alarmish and whatnot, but does it not beg some consideration?  I think so.  And not just 'cuz some country song pulled at my heart strings, but because I love my family and if push came to shove/push/punch/dig ... I'd want no more than the absolute necessary worries to worry about, and not a bunch of payments for stuff that just got destroyed.

We can only say "wow that sucks, but that won't happen here" for so long, it's time to get your shit in order and be prepared for come-what-may.  You'll be so proud to have it to draw on when you have to, and you'll be your own little family's hero for having taken care of it.

Go to your local city's website for Emergency Preparedness guidelines.  My city has a great "32 Weeks to Being Emergency Prepared" at .  I know you can make it happen.

Love ya,

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