Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Resolutions for a New Year

This is a bit late ... but whatever. 

I LOVE the new year.  I love having a brand new frame of time to try out new things or start a change.

This year, my resolutions are different though.  Sort of.  I still swear this is the year I will not be embarrassed to wear a bikini, blah blah blah.  I have some newer ones though.

  1. This year I will focus on the people that bring happiness and only good things to my life.  No more breaking my back trying to grow friendships that are obviously one-sided.  No more stressing about approval from people whose approval I do not need.  I will nurture those relationships with the people who are always there for me, who reciprocate my friendship and caring, and who have like minded goals.  Nuts to the rest.  Well not nuts, but no more of my energy either.  There's only so much of me to go around, so I think it's only smart to spread it out to the good peeps.
  2. I will be confident in myself and stop second guessing my abilities and my value.  As a mother, as an employee, as a friend, and as an athlete.  I'm good at all of those things, and I am NOT going to let petty people undermine my trust in myself any more.
  3. Listen to my husband.  Not in a biblical submission kind of way (sorry Jay) but in the sense that more often than not, listening to him would have saved me from having to make resolutions like #1,and #2.  He's much smarter than he gives himself credit for.
  4. I will beat my 2011 sprint triathlon time.  By at least 15 minutes.  Raar.  I'm a fkn triathlete  bitches ... EVEN if I only ever do Sprint distances.  So there.
  5. I will shop and eat in a kinder way.  I won't label myself a vegan or vegetarian, but there are parts of those lifestyles that I very much admire and want to emulate for myself.  The commercial food industry and the way it treats animals is disgusting.  I will do everything I can to not contribute to it.  This leads me to #6...
  6. I will grow my own food ... as much as I can.  Enter container gardens and backyard chickens.  That's right, I'm growing my own fkn chickens baby!  Can't WAIT.  Bok Bok Bok.
I'm going to stop at 6 ... otherwise this busy brain will forget them.  I've shared them so I can be accountable ... to myself.

Have a wonderful year, resolutions or no, it doesn't matter 'cause you're awesome and you deserve it.

Tara :)

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