Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Cloth Diapering and Projects I Will Probably Not Finish

So I decided to cloth diaper (or CD for the cloth diapering peeps out there) third boy.  Got a slammin' deal on a dozen or so diapers to get me started and figured I'd be all good until he was potty trained. 

Then I joined a CD swap group.  That shit is bananas.  I can't believe how many things people buy and how big their "stashes" are! I remember hearing "oh it's addictive!" from other friends that CD their kids, and I would think "what ... shit holders are addictive?!".  They were right ... it is. 

I love the fact that I'm cloth diapering for a few reasons: 

1. The money I'll save (if I don't go bananas).  My first dozen cost me $100 - disposables cost me an average of $40-$50/m for 3+ years if you count Pull Ups for potty training.  That's $1,400-$1,800 JUST TO HOLD POOP.  No thank you.
2. The environmental impact.  I part time CD'd my oldest 13 years ago, but was still bothered by how many disposables we went through and put in the landfill.  Yes I'm doing more laundry, but I can't see more water & soap being NEAR as harmful as piles of disposables.
3. I love laundry.  I know, it's weird.  However, I find the washing, drying, sorting, stuffing etc. to be extremely cathartic.  Who couldn't use a bit more catharticism in their day?  Wait ... isn't that Catholic school?  Whatever, you get my gist.
4. They are so cute.  There is something about third boy's rump in a fuzzy cloth diaper, or woolly cover that is just so so cute. 

Right now I'm using one size pocket diapers mainly.  They adjust to fit babies from 10-35 lbs.  They have lots of snaps, waterproof exteriors, and you put inserts of a material of your choosing inside to soak up the pee.  They are very user friendly and an easy way to break into the CD world.

I just discovered wool though ... even after being warned of it's addictive qualities.  A properly lanolized woollen cover (or 'soaker') over a cloth diaper WILL NOT LEAK.  So crazy.  My little guy can sleep ALL night after a big drink, and will wake up in dry jammies.  I love it.  BUT ... wool is very expensive.

Enter the next project my busy-ass brain has come up with that I will likely not finish but I'm going to try anyways:  Up cycled Wool Diaper Soaker(s).  Me and 2nd & 3rd boys are going to bundle up and head up the street to the 2 nearby thrift stores to find me some old wool sweaters so I can make my own cover.  Going to maybe try this pattern from Born to Love and possibly play around with my own.  There are tons of pictures on line to copy or get my inspiration from.

After that I thought I'd paint the kitchen and research veganism some more.  'cause that's just what busy brains do.

Happy Tuesday.

PS:  May I just cover my ass here and add that while I love cloth diapering, I do no judge those who do not.  The CD community can sometimes appear to be a snobbish lot, turning up noses at people who do not exclusively CD their kids .... yes really.  I however, have done both and both have their pros and cons.  So do what you want and don't hate on me for lovin' what I'm doin'.  Cool?  Cool.

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