Friday, 19 April 2013

Lessons ...

I'm learning more from my kids on how to stop sweating the small stuff than I ever did from a self help book.  I'm learning that some help is better than none, even if I have to go back and do it again afterwards because "helping wash dishes is so awesome Mum". 

I'm learning that it's physically impossible for a 13 year old boy to keep his room clean. I'm learning while that 13 year old boys can be frustrating, they can also be awesome.  I'm learning that sometimes the best gift I can give my boys is an ear - whether it's for the newest song one loves, or the " 'poooooky 'tory " the other one needs to tell me for the 444th time. 

I'm learning that sperm whales are really big, porcupines have sharp quills that stick in your finger, and caterpillars make cookoo's to become beautiful butterflies.  Yes I said cookoo ... not cocoon.  I'm also learning that (as a good friend told me) while some kids are sponges, but mine is a Sham Wow with information and needs to share it.

I'm learning that it's ok if words aren't pronounced properly, because too soon the days come when everything is said properly and I will long for the days of halipopters and hopsitals... and of packpack's and kazzurt.

I'm learning that bad dreams and bad colds produce the best cuddles.  I'm learning that if baby goes to sleep on his own one day, but the next needs to be cuddled/rocked/bounced/wrapped to go to sleep - that's ok.  I'm learning that I can trust my own gut when it comes to my kids, and that I'm a really good mom.  I'm learning to get over the fact that I couldn't breastfeed my kids, but making my own formula is the next best thing - and makes me feel much better about what is going into my baby's belly.

I'm learning that bulldozers are an integral part of any puzzle process and you just don't question it.  I'm also learning that sometimes doing a puzzle IS the most important thing I could accomplish in my day.  I'm learning that couch cushion forts are not a mess, they are fun.

I'm learning that the new normal is busy, and will not settle down any time soon.  At the same time, I'm also learning that I do have limits, and it's ok to say no.

I'm learning that when my 3 year old tells me he talks to my mom on his Fisher Price phone, I need to just listen to what he has to say and not be so quick to dismiss it as silly.  Because when a small boy tells you that your mom misses you and wishes she were here, even though she's been dead and gone for over 12 years, that is a gift. 

I'm learning new and re-learning old things every single day, and I don't want to forget any of it.  So, I'm learning to use my video camera more, and my cell phone less.  I'm learning that being busy isn't as important as being present.  I'm learning that I am the luckiest mom in the world, and I hope every mom feels the same way.

Happy Friday :)

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